Master Project

Miwa Negoro

my grammar and (y)ours?

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21 September – 13 October 2018
OnCurating Project Space

with Quynh Dong, Stefanie Knobel, Yamu Wang, and Willimann/Arai
curated by Miwa Negoro

If our body performs ourselves within the cultural codes, how can we subvert the dominant ideology? The group exhibition investigates the performative mode of bodies, considering the bodies as a social sphere. Keeping a critical eye on transcultural representations, my grammar and (y)ours? features the artistic practices across choreography, writing, performance, installation, video, sculpture, and texts, that challenge hegemonic sociocultural mechanisms and geopolitical complexities.

Performativity derives from a linguistic analysis that an action and speech are constitutive rather than representative of reality (J. L. Austin), and it is, in turn, applied to a discourse in gender identity by Judith Butler: Identity is performed, and can be understood as a social process and an ambiguous state. Here, performativity works to counter the culturally constructed categories and the mechanism of such constructions. It is equivalently important to discuss Critical border thinking in this context. This concept was introduced by Walter D. Mignolo and Madina V. Tlostanova and it is “the epistemology of the exteriority” as a way of changing the geopolitics of knowledge production. A border does not only mean a geographic border but also a cultural one within a colonial matrix of power. These two perspectives allow us to reconfigure complexities of cultural representations.