Ongoing PhD projects:


Isabel de Sena
WE WILL HAVE BEEN: A Case for Curating in the SF Mode

[WPSM_AC id=4573]


Tanya Abraham
Space, Art, and Language: Interpellation and Conversation. Perception and Impact on Audiences.
[WPSM_AC id=4577]


Lorenzo Morganti
Experience, interaction, plans and projections in curacy and exhibition design
[WPSM_AC id=4581]


Henrietta Y. Mansfeld
Curating the Other in a Global Context: Inclusiveness in Curatorial Approach from 2000 to the Present
[WPSM_AC id=4582]


Emanuele Guidi
Like a Mountain / Like a Mall: How Institutions Think within their Environments
[WPSM_AC id=4583]


Katerina Valdivia Bruch
Contacta: Participatory Art, Politics and Social Change

[WPSM_AC id=4584]


Sarah Spies
Choreographies of the Curatorial: Performative futures and new mythologies for dance in and beyond the museum

[WPSM_AC id=4585]


Maayan Sheleff
Preaching to the Choir: The Voice in a Collective and the Politics of Participation

[WPSM_AC id=4586]


Antonio Cataldo
The Portable, the Dissolvable, the Transmissible: migratory practices of exposition

[WPSM_AC id=4587]


Katalin Erdödi
“Something Always Blooms” – Curatorial strategies and knowledge production in and about post-socialist rural spaces

[WPSM_AC id=4588]


Hadas Kedar
Remote Art: De-Colonized and De-Imperialized Patterns of Cultural Imaginaries
[WPSM_AC id=4589]


Isabella Burr-Evans
Visual and creative political art activism in times of change. The curator and capturing the moment
[WPSM_AC id=4590]


Ronald Kolb
Curating in the Global World (tentative)
[WPSM_AC id=4591]


Lalita Radavić
Power, Myth and Reproduction: An Examination of The Artist Residency in the 21st Century
[WPSM_AC id=4593]


Sascia Bailer
Radical Relations: Curatorial Strategies for Social Justice
[WPSM_AC id=4594]