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Markus Bader

Curatorial Talk

12 March 2021 18:00 - 19:30

Watch it via the Curating Facebook page:

We can describe the production of the city as a collective cultural ongoing activity – an activity beyond disciplines, encompassing the physical, the political, economic, social, cultural, spiritual layers all at once, cities are complex entities. We like to discuss the city through the term urban practice and the radical shift of perspective it implies. How could a possible link between this theoretical understanding and the practice of city making look like? raumlabor like to call some of their works real utopias, a potentially beautiful paradox. The talk will be based on anecdotal memories of collective moments in projects like Urban School Ruhr (USR), Making Futures, floating university and maybe others.

Markus Bader is a member of raumlabor and Professor in architecture at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Some of his current engagements include the civic society driven development at Haus der Statistik, Berlin, the Initiative urbane praxis and the explorative inhabitation of a polluted paradise with the floating university. He likes to work across scales, linking urban development strategies with artistic interventions and conversations in the field and back, opening the question, how we would like to live together in the future.