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Nadine Wietlisbach

Curatorial Talk

8 May 2020 18:00 - 19:30

Zoom Event

Forever is composed of nows. Mapping of a practice between curiosity and apprehensibility

Where is the time? You can’t be a pizza. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to managing a divisional house whose focus is on a medium that is in constant flux like no other? How does a curatorial practice develop over a period of 15 years when the institutional framework is undergoing radical change? The theater space as a central place of reflection. Feminist and other texts (prose, theory, poetry) that allow a cartography of the environment(s). About projects that interweave curatorial, mediating and discursive levels. On blind spots and the potential for failure. “The Wire” as a symbol for a thinking search movement.

Nadine Wietlisbach is Director of Fotomuseum Winterthur since January 2018. Together with a interdisciplinary team she devises exhibitions, publications and other discursive formats in the fields of contemporary photography and art. From 2015 till 2017 she was the Director of Photoforum Pasquart Biel/Bienne, following her post as a curator at the Nidwaldner Museum in Stans. In 2015, she won the Swiss Art Award 2015 (critique, publication, exhibition section) and was curator in residence at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Nadine Wietlisbach founded the independent art space sic! Raum für Kunst in Lucerne in 2007, which still exists and is now run by the third generation of collaborators. Work and research stays in Tallinn, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Maputo and Krems.