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Two talks, one book launch

With Katharina Ammann, Barbara Basting and Dorothee Richter, Marcus Steinweg

9 October 2015 16:00 - 20:00
ZHdK Room 6.K04

16:00 – Katharina Ammann: Curating Video – Handling moving images and moving spectators
Video merely consists of electronic or digital data, which must be made visible for every display. This is not an entirely artistic challenge but also a curatorial one. The increasing curatorial interest in presentation and space regarding video art is related to a general “spatial turn” and draws on the idea that any architectural setting is dynamic and relevant for perception. Exemplified by some historical and recent video displays this paper shows how the way of installing a piece influences the viewer’s perception. Dr Katharina Ammann  is head of department and member of the management board of The Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA) in Zurich.

17:45 – Barbara Basting and Dorothee Richter – Booklaunch of Open Curating Studio, Gasthaus zum Bären / Museum Bärengasse
Barbara Basting and Dorothee Richter present a publication, which documents and contextualizes the open curating studio of 15 months at Gasthaus zum Bären / Museum Bärengasse. Barbara Basting is the head of the visual arts department of the city of Zurich. Dorothee Richter is the head of the postgraduate programme in Curating, ZHdK.

With the death of God, the subject loses orientation yet at once also gains new leeway, understanding itself as a player-subject whose future is more contingent and hence more unpredictable. It opens up to happenstance and indeterminacy. It gains access to its realities as products of universal indefiniteness. The indefinite is what is not limited without therefore being eternal in the theological sense of that word. That is the concept of infinity in the horizon of the discovery of finite subjectivity: that nothing seems absolutely determined.
Marcus Steinweg holds a guest professorship at HfBK (University of the Arts) in Hamburg