Curating the Other in a Global Context: Inclusiveness in Curatorial Approach from 2000 to the Present

Otherness or the Other in the art world refers to non-male, non-White artists and their artworks. In an exhibition context, they are subject to layers of filtering by curatorial decisions and institutional narrative. With an increase of the so-called “international exhibitions” in recent years where institutions strive to be more inclusive and diverse, exhibition space has also evolved into an arena for discourse on identity politics. Therefore, in what ways can curatorial approach uphold its conceptual values without infringing on the Other’s social identity and politics? The research attempts to analyse exhibitions by mainstream Western art institutions from 2000 to the present. It will apply theories on Cultural and Social Exclusionism while assessing Context and Region-oriented curatorial approaches.

Henrietta Y. Mansfeld is an independent curator and writer based in Berlin. She founded The Cultarture Project, a curatorial initiative where she organised solo and group shows in Beijing and Berlin, artists talk and residency programme. Her texts have appeared online on Artforum, Ocula, Vision and more. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Richter