Welcome to The Interface: Imagining Future Language through the Looking-Glass of the Curatorial

My proposed research project is centred in the responsibility of the curatorial to adapt to
changing modes of representation in a world dominated by a new digital language. It uses the
investigation of language mutation as the medium through which to confront the convergence
of the curatorial with the digital. Comprised of a programme of exhibitions, the project will
use art collaboration and installation to hypothesise about a fictious, future

Three curatorial events will use the exhibition space as a testing ground for the representation
of digital art. These will address the function of the analogue archive verses the digital
database within this pursuit. My research will focus specifically on A.I. technology and the
algorithmic database’s role in generating a new visual language within contemporary art
practices. With practice-based research feeding into my written work, the project will
culminate in a textual component conceived as a manual for operating a future, linguistic
structure for communicating with machines. Through the imagination of this interface, the
project seeks to integrate language and architecture. As it attempts to delineate a future
beyond our contemporary linguistic and physical structures, it pursues fiction as a curatorial
framework for examining emerging modes of visual language.

Anna Skutley is an independent curator and researcher originally from Seattle. Now based in the UK, she works to facilitate collaborative projects which focus on the intersection of new media, fiction, and the role of the archive in contemporary art production. Her PhD research uses the idea of ‘the interface’ as a kind of proxy to explore both the screen and the curatorial setting, as spaces of interpretation and reading.