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OnCurating Academy is an association dedicated to art, curating and continuing education. Artistic and  curatorial projects one can find under “Curating on the Move” and under “Shared Projects”, continuing education one can find under “Online Modules”, “CAS in Curating” and “MA in Curating”.

General terms and conditions for the OnCurating Academy Berlin’s continuing education programmes (GTC)
(3rd June 2024)

1. Objective and scope of application

1. These general terms and conditions outline the basic regulations for participation in the continuing education programmes of OnCurating Academy Berlin.

2. They apply to all participants in CAS programmes (CAS), modules, courses and events as well as to all students in MA programmes (MA).

2. Enrolment process
By signing the application (or completing the online application), you confirm that you have read and accepted these GTC. The application is legally binding and is considered on the basis of the date of receipt.

3. Admission

1. The requirements for admission to OnCurating Academy Berlin’s continuing education programmes are as follows:

• University degree
• (and/ or) Experience in the workplace
• Positive outcome of an aptitude test. This may consist in particular of an admission interview, an examination, individual work or performance of a task.
2. Portfolio admission, i.e. without the requirements set out in Clause 3.1 having to be met, is possible in justified cases. In this case, a written application must be submitted in addition to the application portfolio.

3. The relevant Programme Director decides on admission to the continuing education programme in consultation with the Director of the OnCurating Academy Berlin Continuing Education Centre on the basis of the documents submitted and the results of the aptitude test.

4. Admission is confirmed in writing by e-mail after the application deadline for the continuing education programme.

5. The number of places is limited. Applications are generally considered in chronological order of receipt for the online courses. However, the Programme Director will apply other admission criteria, e.g. to ensure balanced group composition in terms of certain skills or professional experience for the CAS and MA programmes.

4. Delivery

1. If there is an insufficient number of applications at the time of the application deadline, OnCurating Academy Berlin reserves the right to cancel or postpone the continuing education programme.

2. If the continuing education programme cannot be delivered, applicants will be notified of this shortly after the application deadline. There is no right to delivery of the programme.

3. If the programme is not delivered, the application fee is refunded.

4. Admission to a CAS (or another modular unit) does not automatically mean admission to a programme that includes this CAS, for example a continuing CAS, or MA.

5. Payment terms

1. Admission to the continuing education programme means the full participation or tuition fee is due for payment, for the academic term, (For CAS and MA) and for the online modules.

Paragraph 5 remains reserved.

2. In the case of CAS, and MAS programmes, the participation or tuition fee is invoiced per semester. The semester fee must be paid before the semester starts.

3. In the case of modules, the entire amount is invoiced before the course starts. The fee must be paid before the module starts.

4. The individual semester fees of CAS programmes can be paid in three instalments. The instalment payment option must be ticked/crossed on the application form. The first instalment must be paid before the course starts or before the new semester.

5. It is possible to cancel an application up to the application deadline without incurring any costs. However, the application fee is not refunded. In the event of withdrawal after the application deadline, but before the start of the continuing education programme, 50% of the participation or tuition fee is charged. Once the continuing education programme has started, the entire participation or tuition fee is due for payment.

6. Application fees

The application fee for CAS, and MA programmes is Euro 100.00. This is also due if the application is withdrawn before the application deadline. No application fee is charged for shorter continuing education programmes like the online modules.

7. Interruption and withdrawal

1. It is generally not possible to interrupt the continuing education programme. In the event of withdrawal, the participation or tuition fee is not refunded (see Clause 5.1).

2. It is the responsibility of the participants or students to take out cancellation insurance which covers cancellation costs due to illness and other events.

3. In cases of hardship, such as a long-term illness/an accident supported by a medical certificate, on receipt of a written application, the Director of the OnCurating Academy Berlin Continuing Education Centre decides on a refund of the course fees, up to a maximum of 50 per cent.

8. Programme

1. The teaching programme is based on the individual continuing education programmes.

2. The syllabus is delivered through various sessions and teaching methods, such as lectures, seminars, projects, tutoring, practical exercises, colloquia, mentoring, study trips and study groups.

3. The continuing education programme is completed in modules and includes contact hours and self-study.

9. Credits

1. Participant or student credits are to be achieved within the framework of the requirements specified in the annexes to the individual continuing education programmes.

2. All participant or student credits are credited according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Credits are awarded for coursework provided that there is a minimum assessment of satisfactory. The ECTS are granted through EABES and a fee for the ECTS certificate is added to the tuition fee.

3. Credits are only confirmed if the certificate of academic achievement for the module is provided on time and has been favourably assessed.

10. Assessments and credit checks

1. The participant or student credits are assessed on the basis of their work (such as project work, examinations, written exercises).

2. The credit checks can also be carried out in other forms of assessment, provided that they ensure reliable evaluation.

3. If the participants or students already have sufficient prior knowledge in a specific area, this knowledge can be credited and the participants or students can be exempted from the classes. The Director of the OnCurating Academy Berlin Continuing Education Centre decides on the basis of a proposal from the Programme Director.

4. Assessment of the credits is based on the individual continuing education programmes and Section 26 et seq. of the framework course regulations for continuing education Master’s programmes.

5. It is generally possible to repeat credits that were assessed as unsatisfactory once in the following semester, and this may incur additional costs.

6. In justified cases, a final examination may be postponed once. The application for postponement must be made in writing. The newly established deferred date is binding and cannot be changed again.

7. Notification of passing the continuing education programme is given in writing. This may be staggered, in that a notification of “passed” or “failed” is given first of all. A notification is only legally binding when it is given with an assessment.

8. It is possible to deviate from these provisions in individual cases, provided that this is properly justified. There is no right to this. The Director of Continuing Education decides on the basis of a proposal from the Programme Director.

11. Personal credits

1. The participants or students achieve their credits independently.

2. Any credit not achieved independently, such as borrowings, plagiarism and other reuses of work or credits produced by others, are deemed to be dishonest.

3. Dishonest credits are assessed as failures.

12. Final document (diploma, certificate, confirmation)

1. Participants or students with satisfactory coursework and the required credits receive a diploma or a certificate. The title is determined according to the individual continuing education programmes.

2. The final document (diploma, certificate, confirmation) is issued in accordance with the appropriate requirements of the continuing education programme, provided that all certificates of academic achievement have been provided and the compulsory attendance requirement of at least 80 per cent of the contact hours has been met.

3. If the diploma or certificate cannot be awarded due to unsatisfactory credits, a confirmation of the classes attended is issued by OnCurating Academy Berlin.

4. In each case, the final document is dated on the last day of the relevant semester.

13. Exclusion

1. The Programme Director can exclude participants or students if they fail the repeated assessments within a module or if they exceed the maximum programme or course duration.

2. Participants or students can also be excluded from the continuing education programme:

if a dishonest credit according to Clause 11 is provided,
if there are serious or repeated infringements of the disciplinary code,
if the fees are not paid.

14. Final provisions

In addition to the present GTC, the provisions of the General Regulations for Studying at OnCurating Academy Berlin apply analogously.

2. In terms of the content, lecturers and fees for the respective continuing education programmes, the authoritative version is in each case the current call for applications on the website.

3. German law shall apply and the place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

4. These GTC-FE were issued by the University Board on 3rd of June 2024.

5. These GTC-FE shall also apply as of now to participants or students who have previously been enrolled on continuing education courses.

On behalf of the OnCurating Academy Berlin
TAX number 27 /674 / 50727 F36

Prof Dr Dorothee Richter

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