Queer (Inter)faces – On the Curatorial of Queer and Feminist Positions of Born-digital Art

This research will concentrate on born-digital artistic and curatorial practices from the early 1990’s until today that have both focused on issues of identity and representation as well as marginalization, and how public and private institutions of the western art system have responded through curatorial, archival and acquisition work. The aim is to highlight and place such practices within an historiography of curating as institutional critique. It additionally seeks to contribute to the emerging fields of queer and feminist digital curating, framing the virtual space as a site where the interface acts as the institutional element that conveys signs that can potentially be reinvented once decoded. Ultimately wants to recognize as equally ideologically determined both the online and offline space, to be interpreted as an assembly of elements that constitute social, political, economic and cultural references that build the context in which the object is exhibited. This way the role of the curator is reframed as an architect of interfaces, meant here as value-charged aesthetical devices that connect two unidentical matters through a process of translation.

Domenico Ermanno Roberti (1989, Bari) is an independent curator, writer and researcher. Besides co-shaping the program of the OnCurating Project Space in Zurich, he runs the Rosengartentunnel interface project (online), and will be curating the digital program of the Krone/Couronne art space in Biel/Bienne(CH) in 2021. Recent projects include the online A cyber room of our own for the School of Commons (2020), the Wave Residencies and the discursive series I might be wrong (2020 – ongoing) for the OnCurating Project Space and the performance Communio with Cesare Pietroiusti for the multi-format series Choreographing the Public (2019).