Module 1: Project Work

Project Work is the centre part of the postgraduate programme in curating and deals with all area of the curatorial profession. The execution of a small shared project (CAS) in the first two semesters as well as a larger project in cooperation with an in­stitutional partner  will be central to this module. The students receive project coaching from the program director and guest lecturers in the form of workshops and tutorials.

Module 2: Recent Art History

The most important concepts of art in the 20th century as well as the historical development of art displays will be introduced and compiled. Knowledge of the current contemporary art will be deepened and developed by examples in seminars and discussions.

Module 3: Theory of aesthetics, cultural theory

The relevant philosophical and theoretical concept (authorship, subject, object, autonomy) from the Age of Enlightenment to present times will be introduced in seminaries and discussions. Connections will be established between political, sociological and scientific approaches such as gender theory, media theory, perception theory and visual culture.

Module 4: Exhibition design

Introduction by example to international concepts and trends in the areas of design, scenography and architecture. Exhibition concepts, methods and media are explored as media-compounds for the generation of meaning.

Module 5: Digital Media

Digital Media will be introduced by their specific usage in the cultural area: digital media as an artistic medium: history, pro-jects, exhibitions, media artists. Digital media in the public domain: networks, communication, web blogs, public address. Currents avenues of approach and concepts for websites.

Module 6: Fine Arts Administration

Project management will be taught specifically for contemporary art and design and project work: project organisation, acquisition / fundraising, sponsoring, budgeting, controlling, teamwork, institutional organisation, public relations, lending contracts, knowledge of the Swiss support system for the arts.

Module 7: Re-interpreting of collections

The reprocessing and presenting of collections in new contexts and based on current objectives, for example connected with current discourses in politics, social history, gender- and postcolonial studies, will be shown. Approaches to a contempo-rary, current form of presentation will be developed.

Module 8: Plenum and Excursions

Discourse of manners of presentation in media, art and design: Visits of national and international exhibitions, symposiums, festivals and events will take place. The exhibitions will be discussed with the respective curators and project managers on the basis of specific themes. We will delve into issues of content and reflect upon manners of presentation in discussion in plenum. Current issues and public concepts will be discussed in this module.

Module 9: Cultural English

Specialized English is conveyed by means of seminars held in English and text work. English has the status of a common language in the culture context. As an instruction language in the CAS / MAS Curating programs, English is being promoted with this special offer.