You will find frequently answered questions in this section.

What can I expect?

Our Online Courses have been developed through decades of active teaching experience on various levels of institutional education and in more experimental environments. We believe in a learning environment that empowers the participants. Besides the knowledgeable contributions by the lecturers, the courses will at certain points enable a workshop-like format that aims to be a space of encounter and open discussion, where direct engagement with the lecturer and other participants is possible and welcome. Individual assignments and feedback by the lecturers and other participants will help you advance in your own practice and thinking. Additionally, you will receive written personalized feedback on your assignments.

Who can book an Online Course?
The Online Courses on Contemporary Curating provide in-depth insights into specific areas of knowledge in curating; they are aimed at all those in contact with cultural, curatorial, and artistic interventions wishing to intensify and extend their understanding of culture, its role in society, and its capacity for change.

How much does it cost?
Each course is 390 CHF total.

Do I get a certificate and 1 ECTS on completion?
Yes! Each course is awarded 1 ECTS point. One ECTS point is the equivalent of around 8h of direct-contact teaching, and around 12­–15h of individual student work (preparatory readings, assignments).

Are all courese in English?
Yes, so far all courses are in English language.

How can I book a course ?
In every course description, you will find an ‘Enrol here’ link. Please follow it and provide your e-mail and your name. After you have paid, your enrollment will be complete and you will receive a confirmation. Five days prior to the start of the course, you will get access to further information.

What software is needed?
We use the video conference Zoom with high safety measures applied and PAUL for the material, assignment, grading, and creating the certificate. Both programs can be accessed through a modern browser.

How can I get access to the Course materials?
Once you are enrolled, you will receive an invitation to the website PAUL. There, you will find the material, as well as links to the Zoom meetings. You will also upload your assignment via PAUL, and get the certificate there.

How do I deliver my assignment?
After the first workshop, you will receive an assignment that has to be handed in a few days later. You can upload a file, or type your assignment directly into PAUL, where it will be evaluated.

Is the assignment graded?
You will get written feedback, and assignments will be reviewed for the second workshop to discuss in the group. Once the final assignment is accepted, you can generate the certificate in PAUL.

What is the workload of one Online Course?
Besides the direct workshop sessions of 8h, additional work on your own of around 12–15h might be needed for the substantial assignment necessary to receive the ECTS point.

How long do I have access to the Course material?
You will have access to the PAUL website with the material and the recorded workshops sessions for six weeks after the end of the workshop. You will also be able to generate the certificate during that time.

I don’t know how to use Zoom!
You will find a detailed installation guide here. We recommend downloading the Zoom application. Zoom can be also used in all modern browser windows on a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone.
You will find a Zoom invitation with a link to access the workshop after the payment process.

Netiquette for the video conference! 
Please mute yourself for the input provided by the lecturers, and presentations by others, because of ambient noise. For the discussion parts, please indicate that you want to say something by using the “Raise Hand” sign to indicate.

How can I enhance poor video/audio quality?
Please make sure that you have a stable Internet connection, and stay in a quiet place  (ambient sound suppresses the sound quality). If using Wi-Fi, please make sure that unnecessary devices are disconnected. Make sure that no bandwith-heavy programs are open at the same time.

If I have further questions?
Please get in contact with us via e-mail at office@curating.org.