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The only international English speaking Further Education (Weiterbildung) Programme of ZHdK.
New: The course offers Distance Learning opportunities.

The Programme focuses less on the ‘genius concept’ of the exhibition planner as individual author – a highly controversial topic since the 1990s – than on cooperative, interdisciplinary working methods, as employed, for example, in film productions or non-government organizations. Exhibition-making / curating means the creation of innovative structures for the presentation of cultural artefacts through interdisciplinary collaboration. In this field, art, digital media, design, and architecture inter­mesh in new ways.

The manner of working employed by curators, artists, architects, designers, museum educa­tionalists and writers has become increasingly unified, bringing about new forms of mediation, lounges, archives, reading rooms and new virtual forums – and with them new means of access and forms of interpretation.

At the same time, we are witnessing a shift in the organization of work processes throughout society. Individual areas of action are merging on new meta-levels, namely those of networks and know-how transfer. The Postgraduate Programme in Curating responds to these changes in the processes of the production of cultural meaning.

The course creates a model situation in which students can gain practical experience of curating and learn to think critically about the issues involved. The modular structure ensures the Program’s contemporary and innovative standards.