Vienna and Linz 2016

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2016 vienna_linz

Wiener Art Foundation, Galerie Kunstbüro: Exhibition by Ines Lechleitner curated by Emilie Bruner, Secession meeting with the curators of the exhibitions Annette Suedbeck, Jeanette Pacher and Bettina Spoerr : Oliver Laric, Photoplastik, James Lee Byars in exchange with Gerhard Johann Lischka; – Naschmarkt, and Cafes …
Linz: Offenes Kulturhaus Linz, Above the rooftop; Lentos Museum guided tour with Stella Rollig, exhibition Rene Block, screening of Flux Us Now at Lentos Museum, a research with a camera by Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb; back again in Wien: Kunsthalle Wien, Exhibition The Promise of Total Automation, meeting with curator Anne Faucheret, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, and Schauspielhaus Wien: Cellar Door (Thomas Bo Nilsson).