Venice Biennale 2019


Curating on the Move – Venice Edition: 17–21 June 2019, with a visit of the Venice Biennale, and talks and inputs by guest lecturers


International Curatorial Workshop:
Curating on the Move – Venice Biennale 2019

Whether as a free curator, artist, cultural producer of events or in an institutional position, curating has positioned itself worldwide as a powerful agent in social transformation processes, as it increased the awareness and understanding of social situations and demands, of conflicts and negotiations, both locally and globally.

In our globalized cultural world, a strong knowledge of artists and cultural practitioners working in diverse geographical, cultural and social contexts is a central requirement. Therefore, a vibrant network of international practitioners as well as the knowledge and the experience to move in such an international situation is pre-condition in every contemporary curatorial practice. Successful curators as practitioners and researchers are those who are able to initiate, manage, communicate, and implement such projects. Consequently, it is important for universities worldwide teaching curatorial practice, to offer to their students the necessary skills to engage with an international network as well as with an international audience.

In these contexts, special attention has to be paid to context awareness, decolonization processes, working with complexity and inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches.

For this workshop, we will look into the theme of the 2019 Venice Biennale “May you live in interesting times” and the history of the Venice Biennale and its place in a globalized art world. (see our publication Oncurating Issue Draft: Global Biennial Survey 2018 http://www.on-curating.org/issue-39.html).

The focus of the workshop lies in concepts of communities, and how they may be influenced by artistic practice, artists and their art works. We will further develop on our research and display project Small Project for Coming Communities (www.comingcommunities.org).