Marta Kwiatkowski

My curatorial statement:
Art helps us to reflect social practice and forces us to think about alternative perspective on possible futures. The more bureaucracy in the social structures the bigger the urge for confrontation, since people tend to follow the mainstream. This is needed both in the art institutional context as well as in the public sphere. In the digitized world we are more and more confronted with peoples filter-bubble-bias, which reinforces polarizations. Art is a unfiltered platform and a vehicle for discourse.

In what way did I develop my curatorial practice as student of the PP in Curating?
Curating an Art Project in the public space forced me to think conceptually about the role and possibilities of art in the public space. Since the public space is not a defined art space the everyday confrontation, the site specificity and social sustainability is of my personal interest.

Working as a Researcher in a Think Tank for social and economic futures studies as a main job, I’m working besides as a free Curator for art projects. Currently I’m cuarting the art project „17,2m3 Bümpliz“. It uses 3 identical transparent cubes to cultivate and concentrate a kind of collective cultural memory trough the interpretation of smell. The project will take place during the big city festival of Bern in August. In the theoretical field I’m also interested in the ubiquity of public space through digitization.