Agustina Struengmann

I started the Postgraduate Programme in Curating with a background in art history. The course gave me a rigorous grounding in the different approaches to curating and allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and in my research-based style of working.

During the course, I developed an interest in performance art, first co-curating the exhibition A Performative piece by Nicole Bachmann, as part of the group show, Control, Shift, Plus. This began a journey of research for my thesis on performance art. As part of my thesis, I also completed a film – Reflections on artistic services, performance and the institution – in which artists reflected on institutional commissions.

In the fall of 2015, we were accepted as one of Manifesta 11 Parallel Events for a performance art project that evolved from the research for my masters. In collaboration with artist Martin Schick and Marisa König Beatty we developed an agency for performance art: Manifesta has been hNC’s testing ground. Our idea is to keep the Zurich platform active and to extend it to different cities.

I am also in the process of creating the Salta Art Foundation, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artists from Argentina by promoting exchanges and generating networks through residency programs in Europe.

I have contributed reviews and articles to the Journal of Curatorial Studies, UK, ArtNexus magazine, Miami, Movement Research Journal, New York, the web journal On-Curating and Revista Barzón, Buenos Aires.