Nicola Ruffo

My curatorial statement: …
The french sociologist Henri Lefebvre demands a spatial practice in which nature has been modified in order to satisfy and expand human needs and possibilities: An existing space may outlive its original purpose and the raison d’etre which determines its forms, functions, and structures. It may thus in a sense become vacant, and susceptible of being diverted, reappropriated and put to a use quite different from its initial one. My interdisciplinary art projects consist of working with abandoned spaces and exploring their social context.
Inspired by the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, I started with experimenting with exhibition formats in the white cube and ended in the public space.
My position, my project at the moment?
Lastest Project: Parallel Event for Manifesta 11: How to Waste Time. I am dedicated to the intersection of contemporary art and architecture. More about my recent practice:

Most recent: Head of Public Programs at swissnex San Francisco see

One of Nico’s newest publications has earned a price as one of the most beautiful books in Germany: