Gili Zaidmann

I see art as grounds for human interaction, Similar to a single conversation which ignites more conversation and prompts an exchange of ideas. Believing that each art event is a chance-encounter between people and opinions, I strive to communicate this meeting point between thoughts and values. In order to achieve this goal, I feel it’s crucial to form a meaningful personal connection with the artists, their body of work, and the potential audience (depending on the project/occasion). The result is an open space for dialogue between the art, the audience, the artist, and myself.

During my studies a the PP in Curating I was working at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem practicing more “traditional” forms of art representations. The program, dialogues and on-going mentoring I received at ZHdK have exposed me on a regular basis to additional practices of curatorial work.

I am currently working as a freelance curator, commissioned to write and curate events and exhibitions. Since 2014 I am working alongside artist Iris Pshedezki. The first project we have produced and curated together was The Refrigerator (
We have since initiated and produced various cultural art projects of a social nature and mainly deal with the way art can reach different audiences and provoke exchange of words and thoughts. One of our upcoming projects is B_Tour Tel Aviv – Jaffa and Lod, (May 2017).