Anna Fech

My studies at ZHdK encouraged me to find my curatorial focus, which is inspired by questions of the post-colonial as well as gender discourse in post-soviet space. I am interested in exploring ways of undoing resilient universalization narratives and ideologies reflecting on non-dualistic, shifting and fluid concepts of subjectivity. I try to find formats of inclusion and collaboration within the institutional context and a surrounding that experienced a fast change from soviet into a neo-liberal system.

Since 2016 I work as curator for the YARAT international residency program and ARTIM PROJECT Space directed at young artists with an intention to support and encourage emergent talent to grow. I have co-curated the exhibitions “ZARAtustra” – Babi Badalov (2019), “Fragile Frontiers – Visions on Iran’s in/visible borders” (2019) at YARAT Cotemporary Art Space and the travelling show “Once again that garden be…” (2018) in cooperation with Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto. I was head of the research team for Azeri, Farsi and Russian poems for the work “For, In your tongue, I can not fit” by Shilpa Gupta presented at 58th Venice Biennale (2019).

Together with my colleagues we develop programs that aim for social interaction and collaboration with different communities. Some examples are: “Mehelle – Ajam Media Collective” – documentation of the disappearance of urban communities and neighbourhoods through the destruction of the Sovietski district in Baku, “Santa Claus Project” – working with Kendabad, an organization that carries out social projects for the remote mountain villages in Azerbaijan, “Nurcan“ exhibition by Vusal Rahim and cooperation with activists against the marriage of minors.