Merly Knoerle

Merly Knoerle_Curator[1]

My curatorial practice is inspired by the idea of the artist as critic, and the artwork as critique. I’m drawn to questions around socio-political, cultural and environmental matters. Thought-provoking exhibitions questioning significant contemporary issues are my major motivation. I’m committed to using the exhibition space as a laboratory for exploration, always relying on the artists’ visions and what emerges from our work together.

The Postgraduate Programme in Curating taught me essential tools to challenge the boundaries of my curatorial practice. It enhanced my curatorial skills and helped to broaden my knowledge by giving me a wider theoretical support. For my Master Thesis I realized an exhibition with Tino Sehgal at the 12th Havana Biennial.

Merly Knörle is Associate Curator of the Havana Biennial and Co-Owner and director of knoerle & baettig contemporary. She also works as independent curator in Europe and Latin America. She is currently curating a group show in collaboration with Swiss and Cuban artists at National Center for the Development of the Visial Arts (Havana, Cuba) addressing main issues of global pollution.