Eleonora Stassi

Curating Post Migration implicates the creation of agonistic public spaces. Curating is Activism.

The MAS in Curating (Postgraduate Programme in Curating), together with the experience of Museum Bärengasse, gave me the possibility to create as a curator. It made me understand how self branding and self initiative are unavoidable nowadays. The international joint participation made me perceive and get involved in other narratives and cultural activities. And, of course, to meet new best friends and colleagues.

Eleonora Stassi is a freelance curator based in Zurich. She defines herself as Mediterranean, because of her mixed origins from Italy, Tunisia and Albania. Her practice and research focus is on identity issues, digital nomadism, and post-migration. She developed her MAS project under the title “Curating (Post) Migration”. She is the initiator of the MigrationsMuseum Zürich ( and the children’s publishing house Die blaue Ampel (
She has two daughters. She is co-Editor of the OnCurating issue “Work, Migration, Memes, Personal Geopolitics“, published and presented together with a panel as Parallel Event of Manifesta 11 (