Shared Projects


a joint exhibition by students of the international CAS/MAS programme


23 January–21 February 2015
Gasthaus zum Baeren/Museum Baerengasse

Valerio Vincenzo, Samuel Rauber & Christian Indergand, so+ba, Paloma Ayala, Marina Grzinic/Aina Smid/Zvonka Simcic, Decocoon: Alberto Ruano + Magdalena Ostrokolska, Nicole Bachmann

CONTROL / SHIFT / PLUS  is a joint exhibition by students of the international CAS/MAS programme in Curating at ZHdK with their individual artists. It will show a variety of different artist practices from photography to installative works to video art and performance pieces.

The exhibition was not intended as a group show, but all of the works loosely dealt with topics on the controlling of societies and territories and the shifting of the meaning of places and things.

Valerio Vincenzo – Borderline Project
Curated by Mona Liem

Samuel Rauber & Christian Indergand – Nach der Natur
Curated by Anja Soldat

so+ba – Poster Artwork
Curated by Makiko Takahashi

Paloma Ayala – What escaped corruption is extremely precious
Curated by Mona Liem

Marina Grzinic/ Aina Smid/ Zvonka Simcic – Images of Struggle / Decoloniality
Curated by Alejandro Mondria

Decocoon: Alberto Ruano + Magdalena Ostrokolska – Sag-Es-Box
Curated by Eleonora Stassi

A Performative Piece by Nicole Bachmann
Curated by Nadja Baldini and Agustina Strüngmann

Graphic Design by so+ba