Shared Projects

Speculative Curating with Donatella Bernardi

Butterfly Pages
Saturday 14th of January 2017, 10am–3pm

40 Butterfly Pages are displayed on Olaf Nicolai’s installation:Landschaft, metaphysisch und konkret (nach Max Bill) (1998). The paper color of the origami folded animals follows the code of Nicolai’s artwork. Some of them are actually orange, some others lilac, green and blue. On one side of each butterfly is reproduced a page selected out of the following Migros Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst books: Heike Munder (ed.), It’s Time for Action (There’s No Option). About Feminism, 2007; Stephen G. Rhodes, Apologies, 2013; Heike Munder and Ulf Wuggenig (ed.), Das Kunstfeld, Eine Studie über Akteure und Institutionen der zeitgenössischen Kunst, 2012. Once unfolded by the workshop’s participants, the animal skin will be scrutinised and discussed, as a participative and interpretative dissection.

Donatella Bernardi is a multidisciplinary artist. Her interests cover questions of epistemology, event and eco-feminism. From 2010-16, she has been a Professor at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. In 2014, Jacqueline Burckhardt wrote Bernardi’s first monograph, In Pursuit of Unlimited Hospitality. In 2015, she was a guest curator at the Kunsthalle in Bern, an experience followed by the publication of Into Your Solar Plexus (Humboldt Books, 2016). In January 2017, she has started her new position as Head of the Master Fine Arts at ZHdK.

Speculative Curating
is a series of performative interventions curated by the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK, (Dorothee Richter, Ronald Kolb) and realized with students of the programme. Speculative Curating takes part in the realm of the anniversary exhibition 20 – An Exhibition in Three Acts at Migros Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst, Zurich.