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SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation

involved students: Tanja Trampe & Anne Koskiluoma as leading curators, also involved: Nkule Mabaso, John Canciani and Ashraf Osman.

28 June 2013–12 June 2014
Kunstkammer Schlieren, Zurich

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This curatorial concept for the Kunstkammer Schlieren 2013/14 intends to explore the notion of sculpture and its potential for transformation. The AZB – an artists collective beginning in the early 1980’s and located at the site of the historic gasworks in Schlieren – has since 2005 contributed to the cultural life in Zürich with it’s independent exhibition space, which forms the background for this curatorial undertaking.

The concept develops through four separate interventions within the subtext of critical reference to the ter­mi­no­lo­gies Social Sculpture (Joseph Beuys) and Relational Aesthetics (Nicholas Bourriaud). SAME(difference)_ sculpture in relation is a play on words and a proposal where sculpture is trans­formed into a relational space for activity through process-related artistic inter­­ventions. The invited artists in Schlieren are asked to sound out site-specific possibilities and create participatory sculptu­ral playgrounds putting the exhaustless potential for trans­formation to test; dif­fer­entiating similarities and joining the disparate, inter­twining social concerns with artistic strategies and thoughts. SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation is a dia­logical encounter between artists and audience that is bound to engen­der direct experiences of exchange, that hold additional benefits for both sides.

The four interventions congregate under specific working titles and all of them carry performative charac­­te­r­istics and are no longer duration than two days. Each occurrence consecrates itself to a form of process-finding in dialogue with the notion of sculpture: “EAT ART!”, “Walking”, “Social Processing” and “Take a Seat: Draftsmen’s Poetic Social Club”. From June to October 2013, between Zürich and Schlieren, city and periphery, nature and industry the audience can expect open ended, dialogic, and eclectic encounters that grant manifold participatory experiences.

A resumee of the project represents the final exhibition »FORGET THE CITY!?«. Taking place at Kunstkammer AZB in June 2014, it puts into question forms of documentation within the field of ephemeral art. Therefore, a selection of  works SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation transforms a selection of contributions from SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation into documentary formats.


 SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation (1)
Kunstkammer AZB Schlieren, 28–29 June 2013
KünstlerInnen / artists: Chloë Bass (us), data | Auftrag für parasitäre* Gastarbeit (de/ch), Gamborg & Magnussen (dk/ch), Simon Grab (ch), Larry Bang Bang (ch), Merlin Zuni (us/ch)

SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation (2)
Kunstkammer AZB Schlieren, 8 September 2013
KünstlerInnen / artists: Camille & Tilde (ch), Marie-Anne Lerjen (ch), Verica Kovacevska (mk/ch), Pascal Lampert (ch)
Ko-Kuratorin: Nkule Mabaso

SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation (3)
Kunstkammer AZB Schlieren, 28–29 September 2013
Begleitet von / accompanied by lokalgenial – offene Ateliers Stadt Zürich / open studios Zurich
KünstlerInnen / artists: Stefan Demming (de), Bob Gramsma (ch), IGZ – Institut für Gesellschaftliche Zeitfragen (ch), Mario Marchisella (ch), Rüdiger Schlömer (de/ch), Francisca Silva (ch/de)
»Forget the City! Peripherie als Zentrum«, Diskussionsrunde mit / talk with: Urs Egg, Marie-Anne Lerjen, Heinz Niederer, Eva Parati, Dominique Vigne, Meret Wandeler; Moderation: Anne Koskiluoma & Tanja Trampe
Ko-Kurator: John Canciani

SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation (4)
Kunstkammer AZB Schlieren, 26 October 2013
KünstlerInnen / artists: Brett Davidson (us), James Jarvis (uk), LANDI BANDI charmant dilettant (ch), Milk+Wodka (ch), Nigel Peake (ie/ch), Macuso Vikovsky (ch)

A re-arrangement of SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation (1–4)
Eine Transformation von / A transformation of SAME(difference)_sculpture in relation in künstlerische Formate des Dokumentierens / in artistic formats of documentation.
Kunstkammer AZB Schlieren, 6–9 June 2014 (im Rahmen der Master-Ausstellung / in the frame of the master exhibition, Prostgraduate Programme in Curating ZHdK, Museum Bärengasse Zürich, 31 May–12 June 2014)
Kuratiert von / curated by Anne Koskiluoma & Tanja Trampe
Mit dokumentarischen Auszügen von / with documentary excerpts by: Chloë Bass, »Process Dinner« (Videodokumentation / video documentary), Fra Silva, »Macho and her Gun« (Fanzine), Brett Davidson/Macuso Vikovsky, »Sleeping Beauty Babylon« (Audiodokumentation & Live Installation / audio file & live processing); Mario Marchisella, »Soft and Slow« (Videodokumentation / video documentary), Camille & Tilde, »Storyline: Wir sind nie in Schlieren angekommen« (Audio Protokolle / audio protocols), James Jarvis, »Remains of a relational drawing session« (Wandzeichnungen / murals)
Begleitend / collateral: Undend, »The Burnouthouse« (Holzkabine / wooden cabin)
Lesematerial / reading material: What’s Cooking? Anne Koskiluoma & Tanja Trampe (conversation)

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