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Is It (Y)ours?

curators: Damian Jurt, Dorothee Richter, Hong Kong Inserts Patrick Mueller


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13 March–5 April 2014
Gasthaus zum Baeren/Museum Baerengasse Zurich

Fabian Chiquet, Clément Cogitore, Ellen Pau, Cai Fei, Christian Falsnaes, Tang Kwok Hin, Marianne Halter/Mario Marchisella, MAP Office, Cédric Maridet, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, RELAX

Who owns the public space? How can we formulate in it claims and contradictions? How do alternative utopias develop? And how to transform communities, strategic alliances and movements? How do artists formulate claims to participation? And how do artists intervene in Cape Town, Hong Kong, Bern, Zurich, Berlin, Cairo?

There are circumstances that do not tolerate social and political procrastination. They bring people together for a rally in the public or digital space. People, gathering for a demonstration, are driven by an energy characterized by a mixture of optimism, demand, movement and persistence. Depending on the intensity and urgency, they have a positive celebratory character or a disturbing driven one. The location of the rally in the public space is thus also addressed and explored as an area of ??appropriation. The digital space is similarly the medium and means of communication that co-produces spatial practices.