Shared Projects

Ready Trade Trailer

Concept Bernd Milla and Dorothee Richter, curated and produced by Milla, Richter and students of the PP in Curating

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Ready Trade Trailer

1 Juni–30 September 2007
Kuenstlerhauser Worpswede, Kuenstlerhaus Bremen, pedestrian zone Kassel, Museum fuer Gestaltung, Zurich, Fleetmarket Zurich

Marion Boesen, Stefan Burger, Diego Castro, Claudia Christoffel, Kerstin Drobek, Sebastin Graefe, Andrea Heller, annette hollywood, Tom Huber, Yuri Leiderman, Rupprecht Matthies, Mickry3, XXXXXX, Dan Perjovschi

From the beginning of June to the end of September 2007, the trailer – the mobile project room of the ZHdK’s (Zurich Art Academy’s) postgraduate programme in curating – was on tour with the curatorial project READY-TRADE TRAILER. As a small, mobile stage, the trailer represents a small-scale version of a regular exhibition institution while at the same time critically questioning that institution.

Cooperation with Kuenstlerhauser Worpswede, Kuensterhaus Bremen. Venues additional Site of Documenta Kassel, during the professional opening, Festival der Kuenste, Zurich, fleetmarket Zurich.

On tour with the trailer were multiples produced in direct cooperation with nineteen artists from five European countries. Editions and multiples depart from the auratic artwork and tend towards the everyday object, thus raising questions about the relationship between the original and the reproduction, the creation of value in and the appreciation of art.

The project attempted to provide insight into the transformation from cultural and social capital into economic capital. How is art recognized as such and who awards it its value? Does easier accessibility really amount to the democratization of art and is this accessibility/democratization solely a question of price? Taking the multiples as a point of departure, these and other questions were to be considered and discussed with the public in different locations.