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How we live now – Art System, Work Flow and Creative Industries

filmed at Gasthaus zum Baeren/ Museum Baerengasse


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21 February–5 June 2015
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Francesca Brusa, Angelika Bühler, Nadine Lopez, Mirjam Bayersdörfer, Carolin Reichmann, Mariana Bonilla, Alejandro Mondria, Greta Schindler, Anja Soldat, Makiko Takahashi, Margrit Barle, Julia Bolli, Charlotte Coosemanns, Atalja Reichlin, Cindy Hertnach, Raphael Karrer, Frederic Bron and others.

Reading theory and relating this to own experiences a group of students from Lucerne, University of Art and Design, MA Fine Art and ZHdK, Postgradaute programme in Curating did produce scene together with the author Renata Burkhardt.

Concept: Dorothee Richter and Sabine Gebhardt Fink,
Direction and Editing: Ronald Kolb and Dorothee Richter,
Assistance Mirjam Bayerdoerfer,
Postproduction: Ronald Kolb.

“And in the cultural field, where the myths of genius, originality and autonomy are still significant factors, the term “industry” is still regarded today, sixty years after the late publication of the Dialectics of Enlightenment, as not much more than a dirty word. Thus the question arises as to how could it happen that with only a small shift from singular to plural, from culture industry to creative and cultural industries, this conceptual brand has now been reinterpreted as something like a promise of universal salvation not only for politicians, but also for many actors in the field itself.” Gerald Raunig