Shared Projects

Shared Exhibition with Discoteca Flaming Star

Work-Gamble-Argue-Study (Touch your bodies with the fingers of your brain)
Shared Exhibition with Discoteca Flaming Star
8 – 20 June 2018

with participations by Heike Biechteler, Giovanna Bragaglia, Angi Brem, Nicolas Büchi, Kristina Gregorjeva, Max Heinrich, Franziska Herren, Ronald Kolb, Ella Krivanek, Marco Meuli, Maria Brito Miranda, Miwa Negoro, Paula Toraiwa

This exhibition evolved out of the workshop held by Discoteca Flaming Star with students of the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, and Fine Arts students from the ZHdK. The workshop, lead by Wolfgang Mayer from Discoteca Flaming Star, was conducted as a Jam-Session with Texts (Theory, poetry, fiction, other, …)

We define a contextual framework or a question and select books / texts.
Each of the participants / performers gets a text.
Someone starts reading a fragment of their choice
can be interrupted by someone else doing the same thing at any time.
Like a jam session, there is a political-ethical dimension to listening and “playing” while waiting for one’s own cue / entry makes sense etc ….