Shared Projects

Small Projects for Coming Communities

Small Projects for Coming Communities
Shared Project with students of the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK
7 – 22 June 2019 in Stuttgart, 7–22 June 2019 at Oncurating Space, Zurich

In collaboration with the Zürich moves! festival for contemporary arts practice in performing arts (

With Scores on display by Chloë Bass, Bill Dietz, Hidden Institute, Discoteca Flaming Star, San Keller, Neue Dringlichkeit, Robert Blatt, Ceyda Oskay, Christine Ellison, Rachel Garfield, Zoncy, Jumzang Dai, Johanna Bruckner, Michael Leung, Kacey Wong, Belle Phromchanya, Eva Dörr, Tilman Kugler, Meitong Chen & Claudia Baena, Anastasia Chagui­douline, Maya Bamberger & Ronny Koren, Eveline Mathis, Gozde Filinta & Camille Regli, Pongpan Suriyapat, Domenico Roberti, Jan Sandberg, Eriko Miyata, Andreina Isea, Ishita Chakraborty and works by Neue Dringlichkeit, Kacey Wong, Florian Model, Anastasia Chaguidouline, FOA-FLUX with Gian Martins and Nina Shapiro

11 May 2019
24-hour opening event at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart with lectures by Grant Kester, Jeanne von Heeswijk, Bill Dietz, Tine de Moor, Sabih Ahmed, Elke Krasny, Katalin Erdodi and an overnight performance Sticky Stage by Discoteca Flaming Star.

7 June 2019
Opening at the Oncurating Space with workshops by Neue Dringlichkeit and Hidden Institute with Iver Ohm and Lena Fritsch, and a lecture by Gregory Sholette.


The Small Projects for Coming Communities wants to explore questions of how and where forms of communities can develop in unforeseeable ways and tries to shape communities exceeding boundaries of regionalism. We are interested in communities’ ephemeral structures and transversal framework conditions, in the changing desires but also reflect on the limits and the dangers of utilization of these fragile formations.

In the Small Projects for Coming Communities we try to create supra-regional connections and deal with the question of how and where forms of communities can be opened up in unpredictable ways. We are interested in the ephemeral structures and transversal frameworks of communities, in their ever-changing desires. And we also reflect on the boundaries of these fragile formations.

The first exhibition of the Small Project for Coming Communities shows works, scores and results of three previous workshops, which were based on an intensive exchange on community issues. The workshops took place with the participation of artists Jeanne van Heeswijk, Discoteca Flaming Star, Bill Dietz, Florian Model, Sabrina Karl, Eva Dörr and Anike Joyce Sadiq and students of the postgraduate program CAS/MAS Curating of the Zurich University of the Arts and students of fine arts of the Zurich University of the Arts. The scores (instructions for action) developed in the workshops and beyond not only focus on major changes, but also on small, humorous, serious, political, social, interpersonal perspectives and insights. The scores collected here can be seen for the first time in the exhibition in Stuttgart. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to realize the scores for themselves, either individually for themselves or together. The visitors also have the opportunity to share their experiences by uploading their realized results on a specially designed website or by filling out postcards on site.
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