Marc Glöde

Curatorial Practice: Marc Glöde

24 May 2014
Gasthaus zum Baeren, Zurich

The discussion concerning the development of terms like “Ausstellungsmacher”, curator, or curatorial practice has seen an exponential increase over the last 20 years. Apart from countless publications on this topic, the evolving relevance of a star-curator system, as well as the eligible critical debate on the curatorial influence on the arts bear witness to these dynamics.
In this context, it has always been very interesting to me to not lose sight of the fact that the discourse (developing around these terminologies, and around the related positions and practices) has been raised in a very short period of time. As a result of this we can find very divergent dynamics subsumed in this debate: it is here where questions of lateral entrants meet concepts of newly established school courses. Or we can see questions that rise from the controversy between institutional and freelance work, mingling with discussions on the influence and independence from market developments.

Against this backdrop I am going to relate some of these aspects to my own curatorial experience of the last 20 years. Furthermore I will address aspects that have been of major importance in my own work such as: the relevance of space, image politics, the quality of irritation, differences between private and personal, or the necessary critique of specialization.