Farid Rakun

Conference: Contemporary Art Biennials – Our Hegemonic Machines in States of Emergency

27 June 2020, 11.30 am

Discussion moderated by Maayan Sheleff

Farid Rakun, member of ruangrupa based in Jakarta, is an artist, writer, editor, teacher and instigator based in Jakarta. His artistic practice hinges on self-imposed constraints as a way to portray absurdities in and of everyday life.

Maayan Sheleff is an independent curator based in Tel Aviv, as well as the artistic advisor of The Art Cube Artists’ Studios in Jerusalem and the founder and curator of its international residency program, “LowRes Jerusalem”. She studies at the PhD in Practice in Curating programme, University of Reading, Zurich University of the Arts, exploring the use of the voice in participatory practices in relation to protest movements of the last decade. She is currently working on “ Voice Over”, an exhibition at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, Holland. Her recent publication list could be found here.

The conference is organised by Prof Dr Dorothee Richter (Head of PhD in Practice in Curating, University of Reading/ Zurich University of the Arts) and Ronald Kolb, Scientific researcher PhD in Practice in Curating.) Respondents to the speakers are PhD Candidates of the PhD in Practice in Curating (University of Reading/ Zurich University of the Arts) and students of the MAS in Curating.

The online conference is supported by Goethe Institut Bucharest, The Suisse Arts Council ProHelvetia, and Zurich University of the Arts.