Henk Slager

The Post-Research Turn

29 November 2019 18:0019:30
Zurich University of Arts, Room 4.T30

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Referring to next year’s Bucharest Biennial, as well as the upcoming MaHKUscript publication Whatever Speculation, Henk Slager will give a presentation about future scenarios for the as yet undisciplined domain of artistic research. To this end, he will propose a series of propositions based on a recomposition of three conceptual spaces (creative practice, artistic thinking, curatorial strategies) that intersect when artistic research takes place.

These thoughts – as well as their significance for renegotiating the conditions of the contemporary – will also underline the curatorial narrative of the 9th Bucharest Biennale (June 2020), where an experimental, process-based trajectory will be developed, consisting of a series of keynote presentations, research labs, performative events, curatorial seminars, symposia, and publications.

The presentation will precede the opening of a screening program in the OnCurating Project Space project (until  December 7), which forms the epilogue to the Whatever Speculation project. In this exhibition, entitled Re-imagining Futures, works will be screened from Ursula Biemann, Tyler Coburn, Cristina Garrido, Falke Pisano, Oliver Ressler & Zanny Begg, and Natasha Tontey.

Henk Slager’s focus has been on research and visual art for the last fifteen years. He was dean of MaHKU Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (HKU Utrecht) and is currently working for the same school on the development of a practice-based doctoral program. He co-initiated the European Artistic Research Network (EARN), a network investigating the consequences of artistic research for current art education through symposia, expert meetings, and presentations. Departing from a similar focus on artistic research he recently published The Pleasure of Research, an overview of curatorial research projects (a.o. Tbilisi Triennial, 2012; Aesthetic Jam Taipei Biennial, 2014; 5th Guangzhou Triennial, 2015; and Research Pavilion Venice, 2015-2019). He is currently working on setting up the 9th Bucharest Biennial, Farewell to Research, 2020.