Meir Tati

Artistic Practice

16 May 2014
Gasthaus zum Bären, Zurich

Meir Tati (b. 1973)- Based in Tel- Aviv is the head of Community and Education Department at MoBY- museum of Bat- Yam, Israel. He has exhibited his works extensively in Israel and world wise, at venues such as, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, The Museum of Israel, CCA Tel Aviv, CCA Andratx -Art Center, Mallorca, Rohad- Contemporary, Copenhagen, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan, FADO Performance Art Center, Toronto, Canada, Moscow International Biannual For Young Art, Moscow, Russia, Istanbul Biannual, Turkey and more.
At his lecture Meir Tati will talk about his current project and research as part of SMS (School for Missing Studies project, by artists Bik Van Der Pol, Sandberg University, Amsterdam) studying program. The lecture will focus on Tati’s current preoccupation with the research of Socialist movement and working camp – both in Russia and Israel, and its connection to his upcoming exhibition and performance works. The lecture will also include socially- engaged projects, such as, The Jessy Cohen Project in Holon, in collaboration with The Israeli Center for Digital Art and the current project “Glocal Neighbours” – a collaboration with a group of artists, architects and activists from Stuttgart.