Marcel Henry

Curatorial Practice
AR and VR in curatorial practice

Fr. 6th of April, 6 pm, Kaskadenfoyer, ZHdK
Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK

Virtual and Augmented Reality consist new types of geo(un)located intervention spaces for curators. With the project “Erasmus MMXVI”, Marcel Henry made first experiences in this field and focused, indoor, fully on these new curatorial tools, combined with an aesthetical approach. He curated a special show about the Rotterdam born humanist in the form of a meta-layer, collaborating with programmers, graphic designers, typographers, authors and contemporary artists. In his talk, Marcel contextualizes this approach and speaks about the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of such forms of exhibitions. What is important when curating with AR and VR and what is to do, if the visitors refuse to wear data glasses? Further, he will give an overview what is done with currently and a forecast how these challenges could change exhibition making. Get an insight into curatorial tools which will change the curatorial practice.

Dr. phil. Marcel Henry lives in Basel. He can be followed at Among other things, he does the following:
• He loves to work with historical contents and contemporary artists.
• He admires Dada, innovation and art in public spheres.
• He advises museums in digital and curatorial questions.
• He used to be a scientific member of the Swiss Institute in Rome.
• He was the founder of ADB | Amici Di Borgo, a curatorship committed to art in a social context.
• Currently he is project manager of the TRIENNALE of contemporary art Valais / Wallis.