Roberto Nigro

Curatorial Theory: Marx today

23 May 2014
Gasthaus zum Baeren, Zurich


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A spectre is haunting the Empire – the spectre of Marx. All the powers of the old World have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: starting with the fall of the Berlin wall and the emergence of a new order centered on the financial capital, neoliberal ideologies have tried to kill the spectre. But it resists and reemerges in new social and political movements. It haunts new theoretical issues. In the actual economic, political and social crisis the old philosopher from Trier can still give us hints in order to let us orient in the jungle of the new crisis.
This talk will focus on notions, which are at the core of the Marxian philosophy. We will verify their actuality and capacity to decipher what is going on in our societies. At issue will be concepts such as primitive accumulation, productive and unproductive labor, the theory of surplus-value, new forms of exploitations and the emergence of a new social and political class.