Pia Lanzinger

Collaborative Projects In Public Spaces

1 April 2016
Post-Graduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK

Pia Lanzinger’s practice focuses on collaborative projects in public spaces that attempt to notice the breaks and inconsistencies in the conditions of daily existence, and enable communicative experimentation. Her works engage with less observed structures of contemporary living spaces, and apply aspects of architectural pre-settings to social and historical frames of reference. In doing so, they also look for the roots of conflicts; that is, available alternatives.
For example her project “Rolling Dice for Berlin” (2014) deals with the transforming Berlin real estate market into a profitable industry. This “Gentrification Game” transmits this logic into a huge board game to be played in the public sphere. The implications of the situation and the different trials to reclaim the right to the city are reconstructed as part of a global game with local particularities.

Pia Lanzinger works as an artist in Berlin. International exhibition activities, working and project scholarships as well as residencies, activity as a lecturer in academies and universities, as a jury member and as a curator of exhibitions in art institutions and in the public space.