Master Project

Agnes Josuran

Can Culture support sustainability?

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Agnes Josuran

27 November 2014
Urban Forum Winterthur


Reinigungsgesellschaft (Cleaning society) – four videoprojections at the library situated in the Sulzer Areal.  Martin Keil and Henrik Mayer work together as REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT on interdisciplinary projects, which reflect, critise and open up new spaces of social developments. The city is defined in this approach as a socially active space; in their interventions Reinigungsgesellschaft try out new forms of empowerment and participation.

Verica Kovacevska: Tracking the future. A virtuel guided tour through the future city of Winterthur. The application shows us Winterthur in the year 2040 and this makes clear, that the presence will inform the future. Fearful moments, daring ones, utopian ideas will be visible. The walk through the city animates the particpants to speculate and discuss what will await them and how they could shape the future.