Master Project

Martha Cerny, Monika Winkler-Steinmetz

Confronted By The Other

20 May–30 May 2010
Vaulted cellar, Bern

Mingjun Luo, Geronimo Inutiq

The “Other” speaks another language and lives in another country, in a widely enigmatic culture, which is seemingly almost inaccessible. There are those who don’t appear to share our perspective, yet despite or perhaps because of this, educe a fascination for that foreignness of the “Other” and a curiosity to learn more, to, through experiences, confront the “Other” and by this confrontation have the “Other” draw closer to us and vice versa.

The exhibition: “The Other” gives the non-Western artists, Mingjun Luo and Geronimo Inutiq, a contemporary art platform, bringing them together in a visual and audio-visual current art discourse. New artworks address the theme “The Other”.

With the support of the Canadian Embassy in Bern.