Master Project

Franziska Stern-Preisig

Die Verhandlung. Eine performative Inszenierung
The Hearing. A performative enactment

Stage production with discussion
Villa Renata, Basel, 3 December 2016
Advisor: Boris Nikitin, stage director and scenic designer, Basel

The debate on the value of art is long established, but today, it is increasingly intense and the opinions on what an artwork should be allowed to express or not are diverse. Die Verhandlung is a performative enactment that brings this debate on stage, including its participating audience. The production is going to show the examination of three genuine artistic investigations applying for financial funds.

On stage, a jury of experts—actual members of art foundations—will perform their own usual negotiations. But this time, artists and audience will survey the procedure and are allowed to intervene. Finally, Die Verhandlung is a hearing, it will lead into a collaborative decision-making: Democracy is not about finding a consensus. It’s about negotiation.

Participants: Artists, residents, members of several funding committees