Master Project

Emma Miao He

Sustainable Art in Developing Country: Trend or Trendy?

Swissline Booth View of Art021 Shanghai, Shanghai, 2021 ©Swissline

“Sustainable and Innovative art and related exhibitions have been a topic of great interest in China in recent years. During 2021, the author curated three exhibitions of very different scale and style in three cities in China: Guiyang, Chengdu and Shanghai , in collaboration with various institutions. The main artists of the exhibitions are Swiss artists Marco D’Anna and Bernard Garo with local Chinese artists. The exhibition concentrations fall under the general development theme of the Swiss Embassy in Bei jing: Smart & Sustainable. This paper will analyze the three exhibitions from the curatorial preparations to the on site exhibition conditions and audience reactions. They will be related to Western theories of the development of sustainable art to see if it is possible that the sustainable art can motivate the development of the art curating industry as a whole in developing countries. In addition, it will be questioned whether the development of sustainable art can truly act as the catalyst of the sustain able development in the society.”