Master Project

Cordelia Oppliger

DisturbComfort. About context & perception

ZHdK Toni Areal exhibition space, Zurich, 20-22 May 2016

Exhibitions communicate. Based on the linguistic axiom of Watzlawick, that we cannot not communicate, as well as of Roland Barthe‘s essay “Mythologies”—showing us, how meanings and connotations occurs—exhibitions develop complex and multilayer forms of communication. Meanings or rules can be learned and changed, says Peter Weibel, and concludes that context can always be repositioned, changed or broaden. Curators have the influence to communicate an intended content, to unsettle, rise questions, to comfort or provoke connotations and reflections, to establish by a dynamic and permanent change a situation of uncertainty or create something totally new. This exhibition explores such effects on the perception by combining artwork and context.

Contributions by: Golrang Daneshgar, Rolando Duartes, Roland Iselin