Master Project

Vivian Landau

Multiple Spacings

16 March 2012–31 October 2017

Lourival Cuquinha, Milton Becerra, Paul Sieber, Ricardo Rendon, Beatriz Olano, and more to come

MultipleSpacings was founded as a visual arts platform for cultural encounters between Latin America and Switzerland. MultipleSpacings offers a curatorial program comprising exhibitions, artist collaborations, talks, editions, multiples, and cooperations with partners, including curators, galleries, biennales and NGO’s. With the invited Swiss artists, MultipleSpacings encourage the dialogue between the cultures of Latin America and Switzerland. The location of Bern was selected to facilitate cooperation with different organizations.

The curatorial focus is on artists from Latin America, and on discourse crossover between Latin America, North America, and Europe. The spacings (beiseite in German, aparte in Spanish) of MultipleSpacings has the multiple meanings of spatial intervals (spacing as noun), of events of spacing apart (spacing as verb), and of spacing irruptions within identity (spacing as the differences within self-identity). The multiples of MultipleSpacings refers to this terminological multiplicity of spacings, to multiples as a genre of art editions, and to plurality in general.

Multiple Spacings

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