Master Project

Alice Jaeckel and Silvia Scherz

Bilder im Kopf

17 May–8 June 2008
EWZ Unterwerk Selnau Zurich

Alice Jaeckel, Silvia Scherz

Photographs shape our image of the past. The analogue photographs of past decades only have a chance of being perceived as historical documents if they are digitally processed. What pictures remain in collective memory, what pictures disappear from it? What conceptions of reality are created and passed on?

A selection of photos from the extensive press photo archive of the Ringier publishing company shows Switzerland in the post-war period, an era defined by tradition on the one hand and aspirations toward modernity on the other.

Next show: “Mental Images” will be shown during the exhibition and the events of the photography platform ewz.selection 2008 (17 May–8 June 2008) at the EWZ-Unterwerk Selnau in Zurich.