Master Project

Ludovica Parenti


A programme of events on the life, poetry and rituals of CAConrad, co-curated with Matthew Hanson

Flowers Dreaming the Elevation Allegiance comprised a series of events running from 16th to 20th of March 2017 at “Reto“, the exhibition space belonging to the Master of Fine Arts Department at the Zurich University of Arts. The programme was divided into three approaches to familiarise, and perhaps internalise, CAConrad’s powerful work.


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The thesis „The Funambulist“ further discusses the set Flowers Dreaming the Elevation Allegiance and its curatorial concerns regarding the wider contemporary art discourse through the notion of the “Artist’s Artist“.

Foto: CAConrad visiting the Emma Kunz grotto, March 2017


Flowers Dreaming the Elevation Allegiance is a programme of events focusing on the life, poetry and writing rituals of CAConrad curated by Ludovica Parenti ( and Matthew Hanson).
CAConrad’s childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift. He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including Philip Seymour Hoffman (were you high when you said this?); A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tics and Advanced Elvis Course. Information about his books, essays, and details on the documentary The Book of Conrad can be found at
This programme is organised in cooperation with RETO, the exhibition space of the ZHdK MFA.

SCREENING Thursday 16th March 2017
The Book of Conrad. KinoToni, 7pm (apéro 6:30)
WORKSHOP Saturday 18th + Sunday 19th March
A two day workshop in (soma)tic poetry exercises with CAConrad, OnCurating Project Space
TALK Monday 20th March 2017
Public address by CAConrad; ZHdK, Room 3.E08, 7pm
From 1-5pm on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of March, CAConrad will host a two day workshop on (Soma)tic poetry rituals. These rituals create an ‘extreme present’ for writing or making through intense observations of the body and its surroundings. Limited places remain and preference is given to those who can attend both days.
“The Book of Conrad is a documentary about the poet C.A.Conrad, an eccentric Elvis worshiping poet and tarot card reader, who confronts his violent past and the suspicious death of his boyfriend, Earth. The film attempts to unravel the mystery of Earth’s death, while Conrad wrestles with his inner demons through a series of unconventional rituals and a tour of the deep South.” – Delinquent Films