Master Project

Veronique Ribordy

Solo Show Christoph Bruchez

20 May–25 June 2011
Arts Pluriels, Réchy (CH)

Christophe Bruchez mentored by John Armleder

Veronique Ribordy has been mandated (by the institution and the artist himself) to be the curator of the first solo exhibition of Christophe Bruchez, born in 1966, former trader and now student at the ECAV (Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais, Sierre). The exhibition has been under the mentoring of John Armleder who accepted to meet the artist for a private talk, as well to lend one of his works for the exhibition, a painting called “Argent” 2008.

From this point, the exhibition became an installation-like exhibition and a dialogue between the recent works of a novice artist, which is questioning the economical system and this painting of John M Armleder, a famous international artist.

The exhibition wanted to make clear how Christophe Bruchez has made use of his past experience in the liberal economic system as a reading grid for an artistic practice. Olivier Mosset and John Armleder inspire him on globalisation, consumerism, catchphrases and repetition and help him to build his own work. Bruchez’ images reflect his own concerns about economic liberalism: his universe is strongly marked by the fragility of human life and the economic system. The exhibition ended with a suite of contemporary Vanities.