Master Project

Alexandra Romy

Sometimes I wish I could just phone home

Exhibition “Species of spaces” with works by Walgreen Windows, Annabelle Agbi Gideau, Jessy Razafimandimby, Pauline Codier, Lauren Coullard, Anne-Laure Franchette, 2021–22.  © Alexandra Romy

The exhibition is inspired by Espèces d’espaces (Species of Spaces) a French novel written by Georges Perec in 1974. In it, Perec explores spaces that we inhabit and our everyday surroundings and objects, from the molecular to the meta. Through exhaustively detailed descriptions, which move from the minute (a staircase or doorway) to the massive (the city or the world), Perec creates a taxonomy of everyday architecture, objects and places and the worlds we make around them. The Walgreens storefronts are sequenced into portions and treated as living units. Each work evokes a style and narratives indicative of the artist that created them, reminding viewer of the maker behind the object, much like the inhabitants of
a room, apartment, city or country.
The group presentation emphasizes description rather than narration. It displays familiar shapes, a scenography of hybrid domesticity, depicting several scenes in which the artworks inhabit space together. Located in public space while remaining enclosed, the interiority of the window spaces creates a unique bridge between inside and outside, public and private. With artworks that recall the uncanny and familiar, Species of Spaces attempts to create an encounter that fuses art and life.

Alexandra Romy
From 2020: Founder of A.ROMY Gallery – Zürich
2020-2022: MAS Curating – Zhdk
2018-2019: Postgrad art market specialist – Drouot, Paris
2015-2022: Lawyer degree and practice

Selected curated shows
Species of spaces, project space of the Bass, Miami Beach
Art au centre, Geneva, invited by Halle Nord