Master Project

Silvia Savoldi

Let’s fight prejudice with art!

Pre-production. Final format to be decided collectively.
First suggestion: guided city tours for small groups with artistic nodes on the topic of prejudice
City of Zurich, in progress – planned: Spring 2018

Everybody is prejudiced. Stereotypes are confirmed in advertisement and news daily and strengthen our inevitably limited perception. What do different clichés have in common? What are the common mechanisms that lie at the basis of different forms of prejudice? The research reveals some answers and strategies to awaken the unconscious biases. Some artists, selected because of their acquaintance with the context and of their previous work related to this topic, are then invited to develop together a format to fight prejudice on the pubic space of the city of Zurich. The suggested idea of the guided tour with artistic nodes works as a draft that must be discussed with and approved of all the artists involved in the project.