Master Project

Jill Keiser and Nora Hauswirth

Wiederschall – Fragments from the Swiss Radio Archive

9 May–16 May 2013
SRF Radiostudio & Archive: Brunnenhofstrasse 22, 8057 Zürich

Grauton (Karen Geyer), Alexander Tuchaček, pomm of, Joris Stemmle, Romy Rüegger, Cora Piantoni, Simon Grab, Theatre play: Michael Hasenfuss, Karin Berry, Dagmar Bock, Daniel Ludwig

Exhibition? Theatre? Guided Tour? Sound installation? What now? The visitors of the project will get all. They will be guided  by an actress, by archivists, and other radio colleagues, through the radio archive and studios of the SRF. The archive and productionsites will be filled with new sounds, insights and acted scenes. Fragments from the archive will be heard.

With works by
Grauton (Karen Geyer): Neulich, vor 50 Jahren (anecdotes from audioproductions)
Alexander Tuchaček: archiv(aus)lesen (interactive media ininstallation)
pomm of Zem schwarze Kaffi (interactive sound installation)
Joris Stemmle: Geräuscharchiv (sound installation)
Romy Rüegger: Rauschende? Stimmen! Female Authorship in the Archive: Scetch for a Audiobook (sound installation)
Cora Piantoni:  (slide installation, video installation and acting)
Simon Grab: TRASH BIN (sound installation)

Theatre play KEIN RADIO (NO RADIO)
Michael Hasenfuss, author
Karin Berry, director
Dagmar Bock, actor
Daniel Ludwig, actor

Exhibition project in the SRF Radiostudio & Archive: Brunnenhofstrasse 22, 8057 Zürich
Curated by Jill Keiser and Nora Hauswirth (offline)