Master Project

Marlies Jost

Passe – Partout: a symposium on Institution, Art Education, Emancipating Audiences

24 May 2013
Cabaret Voltaire

Microsillons, Anna Trzaska, Hanswalter Graf

The Institution, art education and understanding art and culture is undergoing a number of shifts through actions and interventions of artists which establish their practice within the communities and contribute to new forms of art making. Communication and non-object related art works are challenging the boundaries.

In this collaborative project ‘passe-partout’ we ask; how can we reconsider the role of cultural institutions and create new links in mediating art, culture and social practice? How can we establish an interdisciplinary model to envision a discursive collaborative practice? All participating artists in this forum will talk about their newest projects as works in progress which relate to art education, the institution and emancipating audiences.

microsillons – Geneva; the artist collective was founded in 2005 and draws on the boundaries between art and education. Their artistic practice seeks to investigate art and pedagogy by integrating the community with the aim to claim more autonomy between the work of art and the audience.

Anna Krystyna Trzaska – USA; teaching language acquisition to immigrant children made the artist aware of the power of using art as the basis of language learning. Later projects explored the social unity that art can create.

Hanswalter Graf – Thun; has sited his projects in public spaces. He initiates collaborative projects with companies, schools and trade associations. His extensive body of work with school classes of different age groups covers a wide range of themes and topic fields. The artist is engaging the communities to enable forms of communication through creativity.

Curated by Marlies Jost in cooperation with ICS, ZHdK, Blog by Ashraf Osman