Master Project

Daniela Hediger

New term – nyou norm

Is feminism still the term that is for all the aims of the feminisms the right one that days? Or keeps the term itself some problems as problems of women even if they should be seen as problems of the whole society? Judith Butler who wrote ‚gender troubles‘ was thinking of what new form of politics emerges when the discourse on feminist politics is no longer restricted by identity as a common ground.
In my thesis I tried to figure out all the different aims the feminisms have. Is there an aim existing that could be a common one and that has nothing to do with a certain identity. I found out that all kind of feminisms are fighting for ‚equality‘. And my questions were: what kind of equality. What means being equal. Equal in what?
I came to the conclusion, that it is about ’the value’. To have the same value in society as human beings as the others and the same hierarchical level that comes along with and the value we give with our work to the society and for which we are valued. And in this sense it is not ment in a monetary way.
Value in german means ‚Wert‘, that led me to following term, which is no longer restricted by a particular identity, so that everyone feels addressed to fight for it: Wertismus.
Daniela Hediger ist a Swiss based cultural producer, curator and artist. She is co-founder of WOM!-art – a platform, that curates and organizes art-exhibitions, art-actions and wants to bring the art to the people instead of the people to the art. For three years she led the cultural location Seefeld-Razzia in Zurich, where art exhibitions, performances, concerts, fashion shows, film and literature evenings took place. Her artistic performance ’Sophie Täubchen’s Tauffeier’ she showed at Manifesta 11 in Zurich, as well as at Cabaret Voltaire during the 100 years DADA-jubilee.